A/SH is an independent cross-medial platform for young creative minds and opinion formers in the fields of art and fashion. A/SH shows works by emerging as well as established artists, graphic designers, illustrators, fashion designers, photographers and stylists. The cross-medial platform goes hand in hand with the A/SH MAG, which is published about two times a year and changes shape, form and content with every publication. It features editorials exclusively produced for A/SH relating to the current magazine theme. Our goal is to support and encourage young creatives in the realization of extraordinary and daring interdisciplinary projects and to reflect the spirit of the time in fashion, art and culture.




Nadja Abanin is a communication designer having a serious print and magazine addiction, no surprise she is working as an art director and produces many mags herself. Florence Ritter is a society and communication scientist with a passion for fashion, sociological theories and her French provenance. Nadja and Florence met while passionately working for a lifestyle magazine which meanwhile has fallen to ashes. Together they now produce A/SH out of love for fashion, art, graphics and design and motivated by the urge to create and stimulate creativity.




As first-class paper and colour intensive print don’t come from nowhere, A/SH relies on benefactors and supporters that help the non-profit organisation to produce beautiful print publications and to preserve their artistic independence. Advertisement is possible to a limited extent and first and foremost for labels that are compliant with the values of A/SH.












Art Direction & Graphic Design: Nadja Abanin  /  Editor in Chief: Florence Ritter  /  Translation: Martina Messerli  /  Copy Editors:  Rainer Brenner  /  Web Editor:  Nadja Abanin & Florence Ritter  /  Programming: Falk von Heintschel




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