Who are you?
I’m John, 30 years old, photographer, father and still a little kid sometimes. I live and work in Berlin.

Where are you from?
I have lived in Berlin for 4 years now, but I grew up near Hamburg and lived in and around infamous St. Pauli for 6 years.

Besides there you could imagine to live in?
There are quite a lot of places: New York, Paris, London, in a little stone house in the south of France, on a little island in South East Asia, in the mountains of Allgäu, the Pyrenees or South America.

Why are you a photographer?
Because I believe in photography, iconic and aesthetic as it can be. And I think it's the best way to express myself.

What inspires you?
My inner viewfinder. everyday people, sceneries. my eyes and my fantasy.

Your muse?
My muse is every wonderful human being in front of my lens. So it changes day to day, shooting to shooting.

Who teached you to be a good photographer?
Directly: Astrid Grosser, Kai-Uwe Gundlach, Ralph Baiker, David Königsmann Indirectly: Stephen Shore, Bruce Davidson, Peter Lindbergh, Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz

Is there something everyone should know about you?
I’m a perfectionist, but not when I’m hungry.

What did you learn?
There should be working time and non-working time. Whoever says that there should be no difference: Good luck!

Your goal with your work?
I wanna improve with every job, with every picture I do.

Describe your work with 5 words:
Graphic, iconic, lyrical, documental, storytelling.

Your hobbies?
Hip hop vinyl and all good music, football, cooking, basketball.

A moment which changed everxthing:
Absolutely, without a doubt: the birth of my son Jules.