What do you do?
At the moment I spend my time working as a sculptor and digital creative in Bern and Berlin.

What did you learn?
Traditional sculpting and new media design.

Your goal with your work?
My primary goal is to give birth to all my ideas and create them in whatever media necessary. While I do that, I am looking for the utmost strongest conceptual expression in my work.

What inspires you?
The everyday life, situations, objects, people, simplicity and the entire range of the apocalyptic human existence.

Describe your work with 5 words..
Minimalistic, confusing, sculptural, graphic and straight.

You’re fond of?
I am really fond of ideas and the visual world.

Best film?
There are many good films. Today I will watch "La Grande Bouffe" from Marco Ferreri. The film tells the story of four men who come together in a villa with the purpose of eating themselves to death.

Favorit magazines?
I like independent cultural magazines. So it's a pleasure to be part of this publication; the A/SH series is a landmark in the magazine landscape.

Favourit blogs?
Difficult to say, maybe butdoesitfloat.com

Somebody you wish you could meet and talk to:
I would like to meet some of my Ancestors. Meeting some middle age artists like ‪Hieronymus Bosch‬ or Caravaggio and the American avantgarde musician John Zorn would be great too.

Your obsession:
Probably that would be red wine, coffee and cigarettes.

At the moment your desperately looking for:
Currently I am looking for a Gallery promoting my work and to find some collectors.