Who are you?
I am a man of constant sorrow.

What do you do?
Photography but I also do design, art direction and other creative process

Where are you from?
From the Swiss mountains.

Since when are you doing what you do?
Feels like yesterday.

Why are you doing this?
Because I want to make people's brain work.

What inspires you?
Light rays, music, swimming, driving my bike at night.

Your muse?
My love.

Who teached you to be a good photographer?
The internet is my teacher.

What should everyone try?
To be self-reflective.

What did you learn?
Don't panic, nothing lasts forever.

Your goal with your work?
Finding the space between reality and fiction.

Your hobbys?
Cooking food for a lot of people around a big table.

Favourite magazines?
T magazine, Gentlewoman, Intersection Magazine

Favourite blogs? 

Everyone should read?
The biography of Jacques Cousteau

A moment which changed everything:
Getting on a skateboard for the first time ...

Your obsession:
Flea markets and piles of junk in the street.

At the moment your desperatly looking for:
Seeing the ocean.