What do you do?
I'm a fashion photographer.

Why are you doing this?
I can't help and I'm not bad at it.

You live in Zurich, where else could you imagine to live?
Wainui NZ in my fathers old beach-den, and almost everywhere for a short time, but only in Zurich to grow old and grey.

What makes you special?
Everything and nothing.

What inspires you?
The small things, relations, colors, smells, tastes, tunes, certain movements, cars, landscapes.

Who teached you to be a good photographer?
My father first, who gave me al his photography stuff at the age of 11 years, my best friends father, who showed me that you can live of it and be happy with this job. My mentors at apprenticeship, and my mother who taught me that every job is great as long as you stay interested and are passionate about it.

Your goal with your work?
Happiness and enough money for a living, and if other people like what I do, even better.

Describe your work with 5 words
Passion, pain, passion, pain, passion.

Everyone should read?
"Families and how to survive them" by Ronin Skynner and John Cleese, it explains a lot and is hilarious.

Useless object you love?
The artworks on my walls and sadly enough a lot inside my office, which is filled up with cluster I can't part with.

At the moment your desperatly looking for?
The new mac tower. My workhorse is getting old and lazy.