Who are you?
Benedikt Fischer & Neven Allgeier, Ruinéboys

Where are you from?

How old are you?

What do you do for a living?
Editorial and graphic design, sometimes other jobs to earn a little money on the side

What inspires you?
Reality. technology, art, architecture, cars, tv, the internet, science, things we see out on the street…especially when we are on the road together, we can find inspiration in almost everything.

Favorite art / photography / fashion?
We used to be into painting and haute couture mainly, but that has changed much in the last few years. We think we are open to pretty much all kinds of arts now as well as for photography; it’s more about the idea really. It’s interesting to see how all disciplines are connected with each other, melting at some point but still moving forward steadily. This is true for the arts as well as other aspects of society. In the end, all is one and everything relates to everything else. Art can be digest or catalyst or both.

Your favourite “thing” to work with?
We cannot really decide, it depends on what we want to do. Sometimes, pen & paper works out best, sometimes we need to do it with the camera. We also really like to play with language and words.

Your favourite colour?
Black & white will always be our first love and what to begin with. But we have really been discovering color lately: blue, gold, sky, shades of black, the effect of color on different material/surfaces…we have much on our minds we want to try out.

Everyone should have read?
Ruiné magazine 3 – architecture, self-alienation, new digitality. It’s our masterpiece so far, we put in everything we could and had for about one year, and you as a reader can also spend a great deal of time on it if you want.

Music to work with?
A lot of time working on our projects we heard the music of L.A. based band “the warlocks”, you should really check them out if you never heard them. We also love the classic rolling stones, falco among other new wave artists, and more contemporary sounds like 90s dance music and current hype pop rappers.

At the moment you’re desperately looking for:
Time & money