Where are you from?
Berlin city

What inspires you?
People, life, music, art, fashion

  Where are you getting your inspiration from?

Your hobbies?
Sport, books, music, friends

Who taught you to be a good....?
My mum

What makes you special?
My background, versatility and farsightedness

What art / photography / fashion etc. is of special meaning to you?
Everything from classic studio looks ads to location shootings

Describe your work in 5 words:
Graphical – cool – sexy– modern – portable
I like to associate with modern classic silent breaks.

Your favourite “thing” to work with?
My yellow hanger and clothes bags.

Your favourite colour?

Your favourite blogs?
The Ones2 Watch, fashionisto and fashion gone rogue

Favourite anything (not having to do with your work)?
Nature and hiking

Best film?
Wildstyle and beatstreet

Worst film?

Music to work with?
Classic, brit pop, electro, soul and hip hop

Useless object you love?
My wood TV from the 70s

A moment, which changed everything:
My car accident

Your addiction:
The life, my work and chocolate.