Who are you?
A german girl in NY, taking pictures for money and passion.

Why are you doing it?
Because it changes my perspective and I love to meet and experience people, sometimes transform them, and see it reflected in my photos.

Describe your work in 5 words:
quiet, loud, secretive, weird and sometimes funny (and sometimes not)

Where are you getting your inspiration from?
Hm, not sure if muse is the right word for that, but probably my best friend Jules, she's the person I call when I have a photo idea and then she has to jump in a pool at night or do a head stand or hang from a tree… Whatever I have in my head.

Your hobbies?
Typical NY cliché: yoga, running and I really want to learn tattooing.

What should everyone have tried?
Swimming naked at night.

Music to work with?
I listen a lot to German electronic music when I work, but also old punk rock, metal and The Smiths / Joy Division.

Somebody you wish you could meet and talk to:
I think I'd have a really interesting conversation with Britney Spears.

At the moment you’re desperately looking for:
A cool place to escape the heat, it's 37 celsius in NY at the moment.